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Monthly Service Agreement 

We provide an easy to understand, all inclusive pricing structure. No surprises and all the support you need.  The following services are included in our monthly service agreement.  All services are automatically included in our pricing unless specified as optional. 

Tax Services - Included in the Service Agreement for all
Tax Reduction Strategy Meetings: 

We meet with all our business clients twice a year (in both May and November) to brainstorm ways you can save taxes. We discuss proper implementation of strategies and put together a game plan. During the May strategy session, we set up your year. In November, we estimate your tax bill and look for things you need to do before year end, to ensure you pay the least amount of taxes... legally possible.  We prefer to meet with you in person, however we offer BOTH in person and virtual meeting options.These ongoing strategy meetings have been a game changer for our business clients in terms of tax savings. 

Tax Preparation:

We pro-actively prepare both your business and personal tax returns each year for a simple fixed price.  Business tax returns are prepared in January and early February, ready to file on March 15th. Individual Return preparation begins February 15th and are filed by April 15th. NO EXTENSIONS. That's right, we do not do extensions. We need a completed return on time in order to help you save LOTS of money in taxes. We also include a robust audit protection plan with all tax return preparation. This gives you peace of mind that you're covered, if you get a notice from the IRS, we'll handle it. No additional charges, it's included in your monthly service agreement. No bill due to us at tax time either, tax preparation is covered as part of the monthly fee. Tax preparation may also include local business license renewals upon request. 

Unlimited Phone Consultations

Life shows up. You can schedule a phone consultation to get tax questions answered at anytime throughout the year. Whether it's a new situation, or you need help implementing a strategy we discussed at our last strategy meeting. We're ready to help you at no extra charge, it's all included in the monthly service agreement. 

Bookkeeping Review / Health Check

Whether you outsource bookkeeping to us, an outside bookkeeper or are doing the bookkeeping yourself, we need to ensure that everything is categorized correctly and the books are accurate. We will review the books 3x per year, alongside the in-house bookkeeper and / or the owner. The purpose is to ensure we have accurate financials before each strategy meeting and at tax time. It also allows us to double check that all tax reduction strategies have been properly booked so that you get all the deductions we've worked so hard for. 

Optional Services Available
Payroll and Sales Tax 

It's complicated. Withholdings have to be paid in to multiple government agencies. Quarterly reporting is required to be filed on each, or suffer large penalties. We take the headache out of it and handle it all for you. On the off chance that we do make a mistake, you can rest assured, that we will cover any penalties incurred due to our error.  That's our payroll guarantee. We also have options available for adding employee benefits. Let us know if you'd like help with sales tax filings. 

Bookkeeping Services

Bookkeeping is a MUST. In order to for us to give appropriate guidance and help you save LOTS of money in taxes, we MUST have accurate and timely financial statements. 

Clients that have US do their bookkeeping have the BEST experience. We pass on our discounted Quickbooks price to you. We include your subscription in our monthly billing saving you 30%. Having us involved and seeing your books is invaluable. We will make sure all tax reduction strategies are properly booked. We may notice opportunities for additional tax savings while completing your books that we will bring to your attention. You'll have accurate and timely financial statements in your inbox, on time, every month.  Our guarantee is to get financials to you by the 15th of the month, for the prior month. Upon request, we've recently added the option of choosing expedited financials. With this option, you'll get your prior month financials the first week of the following month on the date you choose. This allows you to use the financials to manage your business, set goals, make better decisions.  We're experts at bookkeeping. Let us free you from the hassle, worry and stress. 

Ready to get started? Interested in getting a quote? Click the button below and answer a few questions.

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