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Accounting Specialist Job Description

Culture and Work Flow:

Here at Tax Planning Pros, we place our value on our team and clients above everything else. We set healthy boundaries and are known for a structured, healthy environment. We love working hard for our clients and for each other in a sustainable way. We believe in caring for our team, so we can provide the world class service our clients deserve. 



  • Quickbooks Online Certified

  • Bachelor's degree in Accounting

  • 3 Years of experience in Tax Prep and Accounting

  • Based or willing to travel to the CDA/Spokane area 2 times per year.



Average of 25 hours per week. Total hours per year 1,300. Averages are listed below:


January and February 30- 40 hours per week. 

March thru May 40 hours per week

June 20 hours per week.

July thru Sept 10-15 hours per week. 

October 25 hours per week.

November 40 hours per week. 

December 25-30 hours per week for the first three weeks. 


  • Graduated pay, starting at $40 per hour. 

  • Starting in January 2025 can choose Salary - paid evenly all year.

  • Base Salary $52,000 per year paid semi monthly. 

  • Up to $5,000 bonus available per trimester.

  • Salary ranges from $52,000 to $67,000. (with bonuses)



  • Flexible scheduling week to week, based on client needs. 

  • 90% Remote work

  • Flex time provided for vacation and sick time. (Vacation limited during key client time frames)


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