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Rebecca Brown, CPA

Meet Rebecca Brown, CPA

It's so nice to meet you. I have a heart for serving the Middle Class business owner. The very wealthy have access to a multitude of tax reduction strategies. Since so much of the tax burden now falls on the Middle Class, I feel compelled to  bring those same strategies to you. I have a strength for taking the complex and breaking it down into simple steps that are easy to follow. I can provide you the framework you need to not only understand how you can save taxes, but finally be able to succeed at implementing them correctly so that you have peace of mind. I invite you to give me a chance. Give me a year and see what's possible. Let me save you enough money to pay for myself and then some. Let me help free you from the stress of  bookkeeping, tax filings and payments. If you're interested in joining Tax Planning Pros, don't wait. We usually have a waiting list of clients who want to work with us. We also have high standards for the clients we take on.


If you'd like us to consider working with you and your business please click here to complete a short questionnaire. 


816-565-9904 or 208-231-3555

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