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Rebecca Brown, CPA, Accountant

YOU earned it.
We'll help you KEEP IT!


Learn how to reduce your tax bill in 3 easy steps.

  • Plan 
  • Implement
  • Prosper 
     With a CPA that is
  • Proactive,
  • Responsive and
  • Knowledgeable
Rebecca Brown, CPA will partner with you, to create a custom PLAN and teach you how to keep more of your hard earned money.
She will  help you IMPLEMENT tax saving strategies correctly, giving you peace of mind. 
When Rebecca prepares your tax returns each year, it's time to celebrate. You save taxes and PROSPER. No more dreading tax day. 


Click here to begin exploring and see if Tax Planning Pros is the right choice for you.

My Free Gift to You: 3 Powerful Tax Saving Strategies You Don't Want to Miss Out On. 

If you've ever tried to get Tax Planning out of a Tax Preparer, you know it's like PULLING TEETH

WE'RE DIFFERENT. We work pro-actively with a limited number of business clients, providing tax reduction along with tax preparation, bookkeeping and payroll. We limit the number of clients we work with, because our first priority is always to be responsive and provide excellent service to our existing clients. We are not one of those accounting firms that is too busy. We are systems oriented and constantly improving to ensure nothing falls through the cracks. How about working with a CPA that really has your back for a change? 


Now Serving Clients Nation-wide

We currently have physical offices in Kansas City, Missouri and Coeur D'Alene, Idaho. We are set up well to serve clients virtually and may be willing to travel to your city if there is enough interest. 

Coeur D' Alene Office

866 W Hayden Ave Suite A,

Hayden, Idaho 83835


Kansas City Office 

7001 North Locust Street

Gladstone, Missouri 64118


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